No cartoons for you today… Instead I  decided to talk to you about all the weird things and what might be on it’s way in 2020. The strange and the bizarre.

I want to talk to you about what’s has been on my mind lately. The first is about the Coronavirus and it seems to be “EVERYWHERE”. The origin of the Coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan China, that part we know about that for sure.

It has been reported that maybe a doctor at that lab got infected by accident, then it got spread  to humanity. Another story I heard was from an infected bat that was sold to a wet market in Wuhan not far from the lab and then made into “BAT SOUP” or maybe it was designed to be used as a biological weapon. No one knows for sure.

Hot bat soup does sound yummy on a cold winter day… Don’t you think…

Now everyone on Earth is being affected by it one way or another and most people are wearing a mask. Today I saw a young woman half naked wearing a tiny string bikini and is also wearing a mask. There is more covering on her face then her entire body. In her case it might not be the virus at all, maybe she wants to rob a bank or just ugly.

Then I find out about these seeds sent here from China, it’s been sent to the U.S.A., Canada, Britain and now India. It might be part of some online scam as I heard recently, or it might also be a biological weapon somehow. The (USDA) is looking into it but again no one seems to know for sure.

All this is weird…

Also in the news is that sunken WW2 warships has “DISAPPEARED” entirely with no traces that remain, American, British and Japanese ships have vanished. Why? At this point there are theories but no proof of any kind whatsoever. The most common belief is these ships are being harvested for it’s pre-nuclear 1945 steel also brass as well. The common theory is this kind of steel is of high quality and not available anymore and worth a lot of money on the black market.

Another theory is that U.F.O’s are stealing these WW2 warships and harvesting the steel for some reason. I know that’s crazy talk but in 2020 I guess anything is possible.

Talk about U.F.O’s, the American government now admits to the public the possibly of unknown aircrafts and bright lights in the sky that may not be from Earth. Black and white footage from a U.S. fighter planes recently proves it. You can find the footage on YouTube. Personally I liked it better when they said it was only a weather balloon.

This is weird…

I’m not done yet. Not at all! According to the Bible Code in 2020 (The Bible Code is a matrix that predicts the future) it sounds like Clinton and Obama might be running against Trump and Pence for the 2020 election instead of Joe Biden and his V.P. My question is why… It’s less then a hundred days from now. Maybe he wants to retire from politics and go fishing instead? I wished I owned a crystal ball.

I do have some good news from the Bible Code, shortly we will have a cure for the Coronavirus. Sounds good doesn’t. The bad news is we will have WW3 with Iran. You won’t have the need to wear a mask anymore but you might die from from radiation instead.

Guess what gang, whatever happens in the rest of 2020 it continues to be a weird, weird, weird, weird year. I think anything might happen, yet we are only half way threw it. What do you think?



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Just Pooja 1 of 2

A gift of a cartoon to you… Hello again it’s been awhile since I talked to you, almost a year now. Getting this cartoon out to you was a tough one!

I hope this is a nice distraction from what we hear on the news lately about this coronavirus. I think we need a little humor right now. Please don’t worry, it’s not worth it… For all of you who follow me I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart…

from  Frank

Why do I want to do that!!! 3 of 3

New… This is the last of my cartoons, since February I have been posting my cartoons to show to the World. I thank you for your time. It has been fun.

All about a cigarette smoking alcoholic male chauvinist super hero and the women who love him.

This will be the last cartoon for a while. Thank you for watching…


Too much too soon.

New… This cartoon reminds me that most people will let their emotions control their thinking.

They drink too much, they smoke too much, they max out their credit cards and even file for bankruptcy. All because that person feels good at that moment but refuses to think about the consequences.

Strange but true…

Sometimes they lash out at society when they don’t get their way. How odd… My advice is don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t own a credit card if you can help it.

The second best advice I have for you today is stay away from little girls named Pooja Noodlehead. You have been warned.


P.S. Just three cartoons left in the series.



New… Does this cartoon look familiar to you? It should… The fourth panel of this comic strip is based on “Model sheet 3 of 3.”

Here is a prime example of how helpful model sheets can be for an artist. It’s always a good idea to scribble something down, I always say.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, just scroll down to my blog and look for “Model sheet 3 of 3” from March 8th. It’s easy to find.

Also I have news for you, my comic strip is coming to an end soon. Just four are left in the series. Talk to you later…